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MacBook Shocks You With Static Electricity? Here’s How You Can Fix It

learn why macbook shock you and how to fix it

Anyone who has used an aluminum body MacBook must have felt the electric shocks at least once. In this article, we will see why it happens and how you can resolve it.

Why MacBook Shocks You?

There are two fairly common reasons why your MacBook shocks you when you put it in charge.

You are using the Two-Pin Power Brick

In most cases, this is the main reason why your Macbook giving shocks while charging.

The two-prong power brick is not grounded. Because of that, even though your power socket is properly grounded, the power brick won’t be able to use the grounding.


It is very simple, purchase a 3-prong extension cord, the extension cord comes with a three-prong plug. If you find the 3-pong extension cord out of stock (which most of the time is true), you can purchase one from a third-party vendor.

3-prong extension cord can stop macbook from shocking you

If 2-prong power brick is the issue, why does Apple sell a two-prong power brick with your MacBook?

Some say modern homes in the US don’t actually require the 3rd pin or dedicated ground pin. Some people say it is because Airplanes doesn’t have a 3-prong power socket. But, I think, Apple just wants you to spend more money by purchasing an extension cord. 😀

Your Power Socket is Improperly Grounded

If you are experiencing electrical shocks even while using the 3-prong extension cord, then the problem must be in your home’s electrical circuit.

It could be because your power socket is not grounded properly, or there is a fault in your entire home’s grounding. If it is the latter, you will usually experience electrical shocks in other electrical appliances in your home as well.

In either case, you will need an expert to look into your home’s electrical circuit and make sure you get it properly grounded. This can be extremely dangerous to you, your family, and all your electronic appliances and gadgets.

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